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  • The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary

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Gospel Of Matthew

Matthew The Stories of Jesus' Ministry

Matthew the Stories of Jesus’ Ministry
Matthew Chapters 1 to 13
Written by Dennis Herman

The entire collection of the Stories on Matthew is available as a series of modestly priced downloads as an eBook.  (Click the picture to link to the eStore) And in print. See links on the right.  I want to keep the stories free, but also took the time to compile the stories into chapters and books for your convenience. Now you can download part, or the entire series for viewing in the ePub format used on all popular viewers. You can also view these on a laptop after you download the ePub add on for the Firefox Browser. Https://

Once again thank you for your support, comments and suggestions. If you have any suggestions for future books, or want information on publishing your own eBook, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.

This collection of stories on the Gospel of Matthew reveals many of the lessons taught by Jesus in a manner that makes it easy to share with people of all ages, especially children.  Please remember these stories are under  Copyright © 2012 Dennis Herman.  All rights reserved which means the individual stories may be shared without charge, but may not be used in any way for profit.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Matthew 1:18-20: Joseph and Mary

Matthew 1:21 She Shall Bring Forth A Son

Matthew 2:13-15: Jesus called out of Egypt

Matthew 2:13-15: Jesus called out of Egypt

Matthew 3:13-17: Jesus is Baptized

Matthew 4:11-12: John the Baptist in prison.

Matthew 4:23-25: Jesus Begins His Ministry

Matthew 3:11-12 John the Baptist.

Matthew Chapter 5-6-7: Marriage and A Relationship with God

Matthew 8:1-4: Jesus Heals a Leper

Matthew 8:5-13: Jesus and the Centurion

Matthew 8:14-15: Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother in law

Matthew 8:16-17: Jesus Heals

Matthew 8:18-22: Foxes and the Dead

Matthew 8:28-34: Jesus Heals the Demonics

Matthew 8:23-27: Jesus Calms the Sea

Matthew 9:1-8: Jesus Heal a Paralytic

Matthew 9:9-13: Matthew the Tax Collector

Matthew 9:14-17: New Cloth and New Wine

Matthew 9:18-26: The Issue of Blood

Matthew 9:27-31: Jesus Heals the Blind

Matthew 9:32-38: Jesus Heals a demon-possessed dumb man

Matthew 9:35-38: Lord of the Harvest

Matthew 11:20-30: Jesus rebukes the cities

Matthew 12:1-8: Jesus Lord of the Harvest

Matthew 12:9-14: Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbaths

Matthew 12:22-28: If Satan casts out Satan

Matthew 12:30-37: Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Matthew 12:31-32: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit; An Inductive Study

Matthew 12:38-42: Show us a Sign

Matthew 12:43-45: Unclean Spirit

Matthew 13:1-23: Parable of the Sower

Matthew 13:24-30: Parable of the Wheat and Tares

Matthew 13:31-32 : Parable of the Mustard Seed

Matthew 13:44 Treasure Hidden in a Field

Matthew 13:47-51: Kingdom of Heaven is like a net

Matthew 13:52: Treasure New and Old

Matthew 13:53-58: Jesus Goes to His Own Country

Matthew 14:1-14: John the Baptist’s Death

Matthew 14:15-21: Jesus Feeds Five Thousan

Matthew 14:22-33: Jesus Calms the Wind and Waves

Matthew 14:34-36: Jesus Heals

Matthew 15:1-9: Jesus the Pharisees and Traditions

Matthew 15:10-20: Blind Leading the Blind

Matthew 15:21-28: Bread to Dogs

Matthew 15:29-39: Jesus Heals Four Thousand

Matthew 16:1-12: The Pharisees Ask for a Sign Again

Matthew 16:13-28: Who Do You Say I Am?

Matthew 17:1-9: A Vision Of Heaven

Matthew 17:10-13: Elijah Must Come First

Matthew 17:14-21: Jesus Casts Out a Demon

Matthew 17:22-23: The Son of man shall be betrayed

Matthew 17:24-27: From whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute?

Matthew 18:1-6: Become Like a Little Child

Matthew 18:7-11: If Your Hand of Your Foot Causes You to Offend

Matthew 18:12-14: Lost Sheep

Matthew 18:21-35: How Often Shall I Forgive?

Matthew 19:1-12: Divorce

Matthew 19:13-15: Jesus Blesses the Children

Matthew 19:16-30: What good deed must I do to have eternal life?

Matthew 20:1-16: Workers for His Vineyard

Matthew 20:17-24: Son of Man will be betrayed

Matthew 20:25-28: Son of Man came to serve

Matthew 20:29-34: Jesus Heals the Blind

Matthew 21:1-9: Look Your KING is Coming

Matthew 21:10-17: Jesus Cleanses the Temple and Heals

Matthew 21:18-22: Withered Fig Tree

Matthew 21:23-27: By what authority are you doing all these things?

Matthew 21:28-32: Parable of Two Sons

Matthew 21:33-46: Lord of the Vineyard

Matthew 21:42-44: The Stone the builders rejected.

Matthew 22:1-14: Wedding Feast

Matthew 22:15-22: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?

Matthew 22:15-22: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?

Matthew 22:33-46: What is the Greatest Commandment?

Matthew 23:1-15: They do not practice what they preach

Matthew 23:16-23: Blind Guides

Matthew 23:24-28 Blind Pharisees

Matthew 23:29-32: What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law

Matthew 23:33-39: Snakes! Sons of vipers!

Matthew 24:1-2: Not one stone will be left on top of another

Matthew 24:3-5: Mount of Olives

Matthew 24:6-8: Rumors of War

Matthew 24:9-14: Good News about the Kingdom will be preached

Matthew 24:15-22: Desecration standing in the Holy Place

Matthew 24:23-28: False messiahs and false prophets

Matthew 24:30-31: The sign that the Son of Man is coming

Matthew 24:32-36 : Parable of the Fig Tree

Matthew 24:37-42: When the Son of Man returns

Matthew 24:43-51: A faithful, sensible servant

Matthew 26:1-5: The Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified

Matthew 26:6-13: Jesus is Anointed

Matthew 26:14-16: Judas

Matthew 26:17-30: The Last Supper

Matthew 26:31-46: Watch With Me

Matthew 26:47-57: Jesus is Arrested

Matthew 26:58-75: Peter Denies Jesus

Matthew 27:1-10: Judas Returns the Thirty Pieces of Silver

Matthew 27:11-26: Jesus Stands Before Pilate

Matthew 27:27-31: Jesus is Mocked by the Soldiers

Matthew 27:32-37: They Nailed Jesus to the Cross

Matthew 27:38-44: They Mocked Jesus

Matthew 27:45-50: Jesus Dies

Matthew 27:51-54: This Man Was Truly the Son of God

Matthew 27:55-61: Joseph Begs Jesus’ Body

Matthew 27:62-66: Seal the Tomb

Matthew 28:1-10: Mary Brings the Spices for Jesus

Matthew 28:11-15: The Soldiers are Bribed

Matthew 28:16-20: Jesus Reveals Himself to His Disciples



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