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Revelation Key Word List


Following is a key word list indicating the chapter of Revalation the word can be found in.
Air (9) Hundred and forty four thousand (7, 14) Serpent (9)
Anointed (11) Hunger (6) Seven (1, 5)
Babylon (14) Image (13, 14) Ship (8)
Balaam (2) Incense (8) Sickle (14)
Balance (9) Iron (9) Six Hundred Three Score and Six (13)
Beast (13, 14) Jezebel (2) Six (4)
Bed (2) Key of David (3) Smoke (9, 14)
Blind (3) Lamb (5, 7, 13, 14) Sodom (11)
Blood – Christ (5) Lamp (8) Son of Man (14)
Blood – other (8, 14) Leopard, Bear, Lion (13) Spirit (1)
Book (5) Life (13) Star (8)
Bottomless Pit (9) Lightening (4) Sun (8)
Bow (6) Lion (5) Sword (1, 6, 13)
Breastplate (9) Locust (9) Tail (9)
Buy (13) Lord’s Day (1) Teeth (9)
Candlestick (1) Mark (13, 14) Testimony (6)
Captivity (13) Michael (12) Thousand 2 Hund & 3 Score (11, 12)
Censor (8) Miracle (13) Thunder (4, 14)
Children (2) Moon (8) Time Times and Half a Time (11, 13)
Cloud (10, 14) Mountain (6) Tree (7)
Cold (3) Mouth (12) Trodden (14)
Crown (3, 6, 14) Mystery of God (10) Trumpet (4, 8)
Destroying angel Naked (3) Twelve
Die in the Lord (14) Name (13) Under the earth (5)
Dragon (12, 13) Oil (6) Vine (14)
Earth (10, 12) Olive Tree (11) War (13)
Egypt (11) Patience (2) Water (8, 14)
Euphrates (9) Penny (6) White horse (6)
Eyes (4) Pit (9) White Robes (See Garments)
Fire (8, 13) Poor (3) Wind (7)
First Fruit (14) Prayers of the saints (5) Wine press (14)
First love (2) Rainbow (4) Wine (6, 14)
Forehead (13, 14) Rest – death (6) Wings (4)
Forty Two Months (11, 13) River (8) Witness (11)
Fowl (9) Rod of Iron (12) Woman (12)
Furnace (9) Satan (2) Wound (13)
Garment (3) Scorpion (9)  
Gold (3) Sea before the throne of God (4)  
Golden Alter (9) Sea on earth (7,8)  
Grass (8) Sea (13)  
Hail (8) Seal of God (7)  
Hand (13, 14) Seal (5)  
Horn (9, 13) Seat (13)  
Horse (9) Second death (2)  
Hot (3) Sell (13)  

2 Responses to “Revelation Key Word List”

  1. Jerry L. Cook said

    Speaking of Keyword lists, I just got done researching William Millers Keyword list in “Views of the Prophecies and Prophetic Chronology P.20-24 edited by Joshua Himes in 1841. I must say I am very disappointed in the interpretation of the key words. I estimate not 1 in 5 keywords in even close to being the truth. I do not believe, for a second, that this is Millers keyword list, he used to interpret scripture. Has anyone else look up his definitions. I suspect rome has had a hand in scrambling this key, so people will loose faith in the infallibility of scripture. Miller did not write that key, it is the worst key I have ever read. I’ve looked up every word, and know what they mean as defined clearly in scripture!


    • adventbiblestudy said

      Can you email me the list you are referring to? I will check to see if it have it on my EGW CD. I read the Memoirs of William Miller. Not sure if I read the book you mentioned. Did the list include supporting texts? Keep studying and test everything.


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