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Enroll to Qualify for Christian Discipleship Training Scholarship Courses

Posted by adventbiblestudy on October 4, 2012

Personal ministry training

Bread of Life Personal Ministry Training

Welcome to, an online ministry school for lay people who want to train for end-time ministry without wasting time or money on unnecessary courses.  We live in the most exciting era of earth’s history––packed with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  So, we equip people with a complete set of skills to minister anytime, anywhere, to anyone.  To help you with your ministry, we are offering for a limited time, scholarships to courses that will enable you to carry out your God-given service to your family, church, or community.

2016 Intro to Christian Classes Special:

For a limited time, whoever submits a valid request may take both our Biblical Archaeology and Introduction to Counseling courses, a $250 value, for a total tuition of $25. We will also waive the $50 registration fee.

This is a special introductory offer geared to help churches and organizations gauge the interest level of their members. Based on experience, we know not everyone has the fortitude to complete online class studies. So we’ve developed an offer designed to save your organization money by finding out who can finish the first two classes before making additional investments. We can also work with your organization on special online classes to train pastors and members how to teach people to dig into the Bible on their own. Our goal is to teach people how to understand God’s Word using a few simple methods and turn them over to God’s Spirit for additional guidance and training. Contact us for more details. We offer online Bible Studies for free and are equipped to hold personally designed online seminars for every range of Bible Study experience.

All of our Bible Studies are nondenominational. That means no doctrine and no interpretations of any future prophecies. We can show you how prophecies in the Bible are linked to their recorded fulfillment and the simple method God used to link the two. Our main focus has been, and always will be, to show people God’s personality revealed in His Word so you can understand the message and light Jesus came here to reveal.

Ask about your free gift of one Ebook with every registration before April 30, 2016.

We’d love to hear about your personal ministry. Feel free to fill out the survey below so we’re better able to serve you.

Visit the online website for more information.

If your having any problems registering, leave a message below with your name and email address. We’ll make sure your requests are quickly processed.

We are a world wide ministry. If you live in a country where you cannot use a charge card or paypal on the school website, send us and E-mail or use the form below to let us know, and we can make arrangements. If you are involved in an independent ministry, we can support you through our online training, in some instances for free. We can work any where the Internet goes and more….

Lee Gugliatto Bread of Life Ministries

Please include your:




5 Responses to “Enroll to Qualify for Christian Discipleship Training Scholarship Courses”

  1. gwendolyn said

    so very interested and excited to see i can win something to do with JESUS! (smile)


  2. Tatoh said

    Thanks a million for the opportunity for us to grow our spiritual lives in order to impact our generation. God bless you greatly.


  3. […] Enroll to Qualify for Christian Discipleship Training Scholarship Courses […]


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