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Matthew 8:14-15: Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother in law

Posted by Ez1 Realty on October 16, 2011

Matthew 8:14-15 MKJV And when Jesus had come into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother laid out and in a fever. (15) And He touched her hand, and the fever left her. And she arose and served them.


Peter was so excited that Jesus was coming to his house for dinner. Walking along side Peter, Jesus relished the thought of walking with a friend. Jesus sensed Peter’s excitement in the tone of his voice as he described his family. Jesus was thankful for the light conversation as He looked forward to a relaxing evening away from the rigors of ministry.

As they walked together by the side of the street Jesus observed the everyday routine of the people they passed. Women weaving baskets, mixing dough, cooking bread, children playing, and the carpenter with his son working their trade, which reminded Jesus of days spent helping His father.

As they approached Peter’s home, he quickened his pace a bit so he could proudly announce the arrival of their honored guest. Peter stuck his head in the doorway, then quickly disappeared inside. From the doorway Peter could see his wife’s mother lying in bed, her daughter kneeling next to her. Peter asked, “what’s wrong?” His wife replied, “mother fell sick to a fever today which has gotten worse, much worse.” Peter placed the palm of his hand on his mother in law’s cheek, then forehead, asking, “has she eaten anything yet?” His wife answered, “not a thing, we tried but she cannot keep anything down.” Peter took the towel from the bowl of water, wrung it out, and gently patted the moist towel on her forehead and cheeks. His wife sighed, “what are we going to do?” Answering his wife Peter said, “I don’t know.”

Jesus stood patiently at the doorway observing the scene while listening to the conversation, softly knocking on the door post to attract attention. The sight of his mother in law made Peter forget all about Jesus. Turning his head to the door Peter asked Jesus into his home. Jesus didn’t say a word. He quietly walked to the side on the bed, placed His hand on hers, as He communicated a silent request to His Father. As soon as He finished, she turned her hand upward, grasping Jesus’ hand. Jesus helped her up to her feet. She looked down at Peter and his wife, still kneeling on the floor and said, “is this how you treat guests? Are you going to introduce me? Why didn’t you wake me from my nap so I could have prepared a proper meal if you knew you were having a guest for dinner?” Walking to the kitchen she began preparing the evening meal. Peter and his wife, still kneeling at the bed, looked up at Jesus, their mouths wide open in an expression of astonishment. Jesus simply smiled back at them.


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