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    Jesus explains how to understand parables

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    Learn about what Jesus taught about the relationship He needed on His way to the cross.

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  • The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary

    Book about the Tabernacle based on a verse by verse look at its foundation and design.

    Look into the material, labor, and services associated with the Tabernacle.

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Advent Bible Study Books Available in Print

Posted by Ez1 Realty on October 19, 2015

Following is a list of my books available in print. I use Createspace print on demand which is a part of Amazon. Each book is printed and mailed when ordered. If your a distributor, or ordering quantities for group study, you can contact Amazon or an Amazon distributor for bulk prices.

Ever sit through a sermon, walk out the door, and forget what you heard? That happened all the time with me. Then after years of study, I discovered something. Nothing new, but something people used and wrote about over 150 years ago. God’s entire Bible is written in a sequence of stories arranged so everyone is able to memorize large portions of scripture. When you learn how those stories are linked together, you’ll find yourself remembering much more. In no time at all, you’ll find yourself remembering 40-80% of the Bible well enough to make God’s Word your witness.

Learning how parables in the four Gospels is the key to understanding. When Jesus told His disciples they would one day be able to understand all scripture, He began teaching them how the Bible was inspired and written as a series of stories containing spiritual lessons. Once you learn to understand how those stories are related, you’ll find your understanding increase to levels you never imagined.

The series on Matthew is a collection of short stories arranged to make them not only come alive, but places the reader in an intimate relationship with the people Jesus met and ministered to. This series is great for children as well as adults and will make those stories come alive by painting a vivid picture in words.

The series on Mark is a little different. This series combines stories with actual lessons. The first book outlines and highlights lessons Jesus taught to His disciples after He promised to show them how to understand all scripture. It is not a book with a step by step process outlined for the reader, but a collection of methods Jesus used to teach His disciples. The second book in that series explains how Jesus taught using a series of parables. This book explains how those parables are connected. Once you see the consistent sequence, you can use it anywhere in the Bible to draw out more information than you ever imagined, and remember more of scripture then you though was possible.

The Book on Luke is for the serious Bible student who feels they have to learn how to study scripture. This book includes a clear list of the rules of context Luke used to write his book, and shows the reader where and how Luke applied those rules. This is not like a text book at all, but uses actual scripture to show the rules of context and how the author applied them to his inspired style of writing.

The series on John goes beyond the book on Luke in the aspect of showing how God’s Spirit worked during Jesus’ ministry, inspired Him, as well as preparing people Jesus was scheduled to meet that day. If your a witness, or want to learn to become an effective witness, this is the book you’ll need.

Prophecies Fulfilled is a series of books containing over 160 of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled. This book shows how God recorded a fulfillment for each prophecy written. This book will forever remove the guess work in prophecy. This is the only series of books you’ll find that covers the prophecies Jesus fulfilled and explains how you can locate the recorded fulfillment, and check to make sure it is the correct fulfillment. After reading this series of books, you’ll never fall for another guess at any prophecy. You will know how to test the prophets with God’s Word.

Bilbe Study on John's Gospel

The Word Was God
Gospel of John Chapter 1-10

It didn’t take long for the first few chapters of John’s Gospel to reveal how John recorded a series of detailed stories showing the methods Jesus used to reach out to individuals and groups of people. John’s unique way of recording details showed how Jesus prepared for each meeting and how He developed a personal connection with the people He was able to reach. In chapter 3, Jesus used one method to reach Nicodemus, the religious teacher. In the next chapter, Jesus used an entirely different method to talk to the unnamed woman at a well in Samaria. The amazing thing about those two stories is, it took Nicodemus, the expert on religious law three years to catch on. The woman at the well took a few minutes to understand. She immediately went out and of all places, led thousands in Samaria to Jesus.

Some times Jesus was successful, other times people walked away. As voluntary soldiers in Christ’s army, we owe it to Him to study details John went to great lengths to record. So many answers and directions are found in those details. Not only are the fundamental methods Jesus used to minister recorded by John, the disciple Jesus loved also showed us, Jesus failed, and understands our work far more than we expect.

I never noticed this until I wrote this book, but John’s Gospel skipped over major potions of Jesus’ ministry recorded in other Gospels. John didn’t list a lot of miracles Jesus performed. That’s what made it evident John’s focus was on the people Jesus met and how He reacted to each one. John also showed how Jesus had to wait at times to give God’s Spirit time to arrange details, such as prepare people to hear Jesus’ messages. John’s book clearly showed God’s Spirit at work with Jesus, as well as people He ministered to. A look at the methods Jesus used will not provide a list of sure fire steps to follow that will save everyone, but will show us, each individual requires a different approach only the Spirit knows. John’s book shows us, Jesus had to rely on the Spirit to know how to approach people. John also showed us, the combination of Jesus and the Spirit didn’t always work. But that didn’t stop Jesus from trying right up to the end.

Bible Study on the Tabernacle

A detailed study into the fulfillment of the types and symbols in the Tabernacle built by Moses.

The Tabernacle: “T” is for The Cross

This is the first book I wrote. This book looks at the construction of the Tabernacle through the eyes of a design engineer. This book looks past the usual, obvious comments and studies on the Tabernacle Moses built to a behind the scene view into what materials, labor, and tools were required to construct the Tabernacle. Many people don’t consider the obvious details such as, wood required to built many of the items, as well as wood required for fuel to melt gold, silver, and bronze used to construct the Tabernacle. No one has any idea what spiritual lessons are revealed until they look at how God provided all the raw materials, as well as the tools to construct each piece. This is nothing short of an amazing look at all the little details God covered before He showed Moses that design in Heaven. Imagine the impact this information will forever have on your life once you understand all the details God planned for the Tabernacle long before Moses saw that vision on God’s mountain.

Book about the Tabernacle based on a verse by verse look at its foundation and design.

Look into the material, labor, and services associated with the Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Genesis 1 to Exodus 27

This is a follow up series of books on the Tabernacle which will eventually extend into the Temple build by Solomon, then the Heavenly Sanctuary built by God. This first book in the series begins in Genesis, which is where understanding God’s personality begins. To understand the Tabernacle, you have to understand God’s plan of salvation. To understand God’s plan of salvation, you have to understand God’s personality, and His way of doing things. Genesis chapter 1 explained, God follows His own procedure, which is far different than ours. Once we accept that fact, we are ready for the next lesson, then the next, and the next.

This book does something I’ve never seen before. This book follows the construction of the Tabernacle, its services, and training for the priesthood in the exact order Moses recorded each step. God had good reasons to introduce each lesson at particular times. I don’t think anyone has introduced or taught the sacrificial system in the order it was recorded, or asked the question, why Moses revealed the spiritual meaning of only a few of those sacrifices. This book goes beyond those symbols and their meanings into lessons revealing how God took a nation of slaves out of bondage in Egypt and taught them every step along their wilderness journey.

Book about the Tabernacle based on a verse by verse look at its foundation and design.

Look into the material, labor, and services associated with the Tabernacle.

The Tabernacle, Temple, and Sanctuary: Exodus 28 to 40 (Volume 2)

The second book in this series follows the study pattern used in the first book, a verse by verse look at lessons God taught during the Exodus, building of the Tabernacle, establishment of the Levitical priesthood, and sacrifice system. Each of those subjects comes together in a much deeper understanding when we look at how Moses recorded details. Using one simple rule of context telling us to always look back in scripture for the answer reveals lessons most people missed.

All of the events in the Exodus and wilderness crossing point to the Tabernacle, which point to different phases of Jesus’ ministry in this world as well as Heaven. No one is able to explain those lessons in the detail Moses used to record them without following that simple rule of context. Christ is the best and most important Teacher this world will ever know. A great teacher will always provide answers before presenting questions. You’ve never explored the depths of those lessons and symbols associated with the Tabernacle and its services until you learn to look back in scripture to see how God provided answers before those people involved in the Exodus thought of asking them.

This book covers the materials and items in the Tabernacle from the Ark to the uniform worm by Aaron the high priest. This is where most people focus their attention on the Tabernacle. This book goes way beyond that narrow focus into concepts explained not only in the stories associated with the wilderness crossing, but the relationship between those stories. Every event happened in a particular sequence to teach us specific lessons about our personal trek across that wilderness into the promised land.

Stories from the Gospel of Matthew

The Stories of Jesus Ministry available in print.

The Dynamic Stories of Jesus’ Ministry: Matthew Chapters 1-11 (Volume 1)

This series of books is a collection of short stories designed to put you into the scenes of Jesus’ ministry when He walked this world. This book concentrates on the pause Jesus perfected throughout His ministry. Jesus often paused while He was teaching. This gave people time to think, as well as giving God’s Spirit the opportunity to work on people’s minds and hearts. In story from, this books looks into the personality of characters in Matthew’s stories and parables Jesus taught.

This series of books teach using the easiest methods you will ever hope to find. Details in theses stories will make them easy to remember, making them an effective ministering tool. Any of these stories can be copied and shared.

This series of books is a printed version of the eBook series, “Matthew: The Stories of Jesus’ Ministry.”

The Gospel of Mark explains how to understand parable and scripture.

This series looks at what Jesus taught about understanding parables and relationships.

This series on the Gospel of Mark looks at two important details. The first book in the series shows how Jesus taught His disciples how to understand all scripture. In chapter 4, Jesus promised them, they would be able to understand all scripture. The next 4 chapters contain a series of lesson Jesus used to fulfill His promise. The second book shows what Jesus taught his disciples about a real relationship from Heaven. Few people realize how much Jesus needed love from His disciples and friends to make that journey to the cross. This series of books is not only filled with stories looking at the personalities of people involved with Jesus’ ministry, people who needed help, and those who opposed Him, it teaches a few simple lessons on in depth Bible Study you can use anywhere in the Bible.

Bible Study according to the Gospel of Luke

The best book on Bible Study you will find.

In Search of the Hebrew Messiah. The Gospel of Luke.

If you want to learn how to study scripture, this will be the easiest book to follow as it cover a vast array of study methods showing how Luke followed the general rules of context to write his Gospel. Stories arranged in this book make it easy to remember study rules as well as the lessons they bring out in scripture.

After reading this series of books, you’ll never need another reference book or commentary to answer questions about scripture. You’ll know how and where to look for answers in scripture. You’ll find details in every book in the Bible, praise God for that understanding, then wonder why no one ever shared those details with you before.

This series of books will not only show you how scripture will come alive, and leave you in awe, the stories and lessons highlighted by these books will help you to prepare and become a better witness. It doesn’t matter if you concentrate on family, friends, strangers who cross your path, or evangelize in front of thousands. The study concepts are the same and can be applied to any story in the Bible. You’ll soon find yourself understanding more in scripture than ever imagined. You’ll also find yourself memorizing more stories in scripture than you ever imagined. And witnessing to an extent you thought was reserved for only a few of the people in those stories.


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