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The Greatest Collection of Free Online Bible Study Material

Posted by Ez1 Realty on September 14, 2015

E-Sword and the Rules of Context

The Bible program that revolutionized Bible Study forever! This study method is light years ahead of anything offered in the world.

The Greatest Collection of Free Online Bible Study Material

To understand this tool, you have to understand how God put it all together. All I did is write a few books and posted material on this website. Rick Meyers had to get e-Sword up and running. He had to be impressed by God to offer his life work for free. Dr. Lee had to teach me a few Bible Study rules so I could write those books. Brent had to spend a lot of time working in a field he is not an expert in, but God guided him to a program that saved people countless hours, and made this all possible. None of us have ever met. None of us can take credit, but God’s Spirit was preparing each of us for our tasks. All the glory to God. At the perfect time when the world needed it most — God put those wheels in motion.

But this is only the beginning. We have the most power weapon to fight Satan since the invention of the printing press. But how do we use it? This is IMPORTANT. If God tells you one little idea, gives you one little suggestion, shows you a new way to revolutionize what we have today. No matter how big or small the contribution may me, tell us. Be part of this last minute push while some of the world is still willing to listen. Every idea is important. Every idea can reach around the world to save someone you never met. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas on how to use this new tool.

I had to make a new page for links to free copies of my books designed to be used with e-Sword. I had to pray and think about this for a while. Brent Hildebrand, the creator of a program designed to convert ePUB and Doc files to formats compatible with e-Sword contacted me. On the spot he converted one of my books, full color over 400 pages into a file that can be read and used on e-Sword. Of course these files are free. Brent Hildebrand offers his services and program for free. The best Bible program in the world, e-Sword is free. It only makes sense to offer my books for free. After all, didn’t Jesus send His disciples out without money?

Don’t move around from home to home. Stay in one place, eating and drinking what they provide. Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve their pay. (Luke 10:7 NLTse).

There is a donation button on my site. The money goes to an independent online ministry teaching people how to study the Bible. It is Dr. Lee Gugliotto’s ministry.

Here is a link to the free program designed by Brent Hildebrand. This will help other people to add more books that will work with e-Sword. Donations there will help develop and refine other computer programs we will need to enhance your experience with e-Sword and in God’s Word.

Here is a direct link to download e-Sword.

Free Bible Study program.

The best Bible Study program Available.

There is also a donation button on that page.

Keep in mind, there are many of us networking to give everyone the very best Bible Study experience available. And this is all free. A link I’d like to add here is to one of the world’s foremost authorities on Bible Study. Dr. Lee Gugliotto is a retired pastor, professor, and now full time author, and hosts free online Bible Study classes designed to accomplish one goal, teach people how to study scripture on their own to reach a deeper relationship with God.

Internet Bible Studies

Internet Bible Studies

Here is the first book we have converted and ready to add to e-Sword. Following are step by step instructions of how to add books to e-Sword and how to access them in the program.

Here is a book on Luke’s Gospel. The theme of the book is a verse by verse study of Luke’s book using stories and detailed explanations showing how Luke wrote. This book explains Luke’s writing style and shows exactly how he followed the laws of context to record his book.

The book is designed to show you how Luke used each law of context to illustrate spiritual lessons and how to learn and follow each of those rules so you can use them in every book in the Bible. I’ve seen people holding multiple degrees in theology learn a few of these simple techniques and tell me how God’s Word opened up to levels they never knew existed. Learning one or two of these simple methods can do the same for you. Don’t worry, based on experience and supporting lessons in scripture, I know God’s Spirit is able to teach you all the laws of context step by step when you are ready and willing to learn. Now you can place the rules of context with clear examples and step by step instructions next to scripture you are studying all in one program. No one else in the world offers this type of help and instructions.

In Search of the Hebrew Messiah in Topx format to be used in e-Sword

Gospel of Luke

A look at Luke’s Gospel

Rules of Context

This download is a list of the rules of context discussed in the above book on Luke’s Gospel. This list can be used in e-Sword as a reference so the serious student can quickly look up the step by step process and use it in any book in the Bible. Using dual window panes in e-Sword allows you to view the rules of context while studying the Bible on the same program. By no means is this a complete list of all the rules of context. But this list covers the basics and some of the deeper study methods. You can go as deep as you want and learn at your own rate.

List of Rules of Context with simple instructions.

Rules of Context

Law of Repetition in Key Words Lesson

Key Words

Key words are words that are the same, similar, or related.

Key words are words the author repeated.

This example shows how you can use this simple laws of context any where in the Bible.

The key lesson here is to see how stories, lessons, and events in a chapter or event in the Bible are related.

Laws of Context Lessons for e-Sword

Law of Repetition in Key Words Lesson

Here is a book taking a fresh loo at God’s personality from the view of a common everyday believer with no hang ups on subjects many people use to — really loose the true meaning of scripture. When you read this book, you’ll find yourself saying, “this guy hit the nail on the head.” Paul uses some of the easiest style of writing I’ve ever seen.

Oh My God for e-Sword

Book with a view on God from a normal pew sitter.

How to Download and Install Books to e-Sword

First lesson is the extension on files. These files use the TOPX extension. This extension is used in the EDITOR section of e-Sword.

Click on the link in Google Drive and download the file.

Find the file saved to your hard drive. Most likely it will be in your DOWNLOADS folder.

COPY or CUT the file and PASTE it in the DOCUMENTS folder.

For me on Windows 7 the path is: LIBRARIES/DOCUMENTS/E-SWORD

Ignore all the caps. I put them there to make it easier to find.

Paste the book in that e-Sword folder.

You can rename the file if you like.

Restart e-Sword

You have to have the EDITORS/COMMENTARIES window in e-Sword open.

On the bottom of that window click on the EDITORS TAB.

On the top of the window Click on the third tab reading TOPIC NOTES

Back near the bottom a drop down menu with appear with a list of your books you have loaded into e-Sword. Click on the title you want to view and you are ready to roll.

Here is a link to other eBooks available for instant download.

The Word Was God

Learn how Jesus followed God’s Spirit throughout His ministry.


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