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World’s Biggest Crime

Posted by Ez1 Realty on August 21, 2015

World’s Biggest Crime

The most popular crime in the world today is the easiest to prevent. It is far worse and leads to far greater consequences than all the science fiction novels and movies put together. This crime has already happened in your home and business. Everyone knows it is happening, but few people realize how it has effected their lives and where it will lead. The world’s biggest and most serious crime is Internet theft. Most people only think about identify theft when they think of the effects of Internet theft, but that is hardly the tip of the iceberg.

As I prayed about my business, God showed me a series of events proving, people have been stealing my business by paying for customer leads stolen from my computer. All those thefts involved buying information from my computer files including personal emails. And it is happening to everyone. The sad part is, there is no way we can stop it by ourselves.

Internet theft has gotten so profitable, thieves purchased control of all the companies responsible for providing Internet security. We can’t rely on any government in this world for help or protection because governments are the biggest offenders actually using taxpayer money to finance the most sophisticated programs sold to and used today my hundreds of companies.

The fact of the matter is, big brother is watching to a degree few of us could have imagined a few years ago. If you have any doubts, use these simple methods to verify your information is being stolen and sold today. Do videos automatically begin playing without clicking the play button? You have a door open on your computer. That open door receives a signal from the Internet. That request goes to a program on your computer asking permission to over ride safety features. Once that door is opened, the program asking to start a video has direct access to everything on your hard drive. All your records, saved passwords, emails, and Internet history is then sent off to that company who installed spy-ware on your computer or phone, and they sell personal information to the highest bidder.

Another test you can do is to send a personal email to someone. Mention a particular service or product. Be specific. If you ask about education, you’ll get ads from schools on the Internet. If you mention a specific book, you’ll get ads for books popping up on Internet sites. Your not only being spied upon, they are stealing that information and selling it off to the highest bidder. And they won’t stop there. You gave computer access to thieves obsessed with finding new ways to increase profits.

A thief who breaks into a house doesn’t care how much damage they cause breaking in, or how much pain, suffering, or what the overall cost is to their victims. Neither do Internet thieves. They don’t care what damage they do to credit scores, how many people loose jobs, homes, or go hungry as long as they make money.

How many honest businesses have been put out of business because they refused to bid on stolen information? Thousands of honest people have lost businesses and millions of people lost jobs and homes due to Internet theft. But that is only the beginning of losses directly caused by Internet theft.

When I prayed about this and let God reveal the effects, it went far deeper than I ever imagined. So you really want to trust the purchase on your next home to a thief? If they are willing to pay for stolen information, do they have your interests in mind, or their own personal gain? Can you trust a thief to go so far, then turn a new leaf? Do you really want to trust your education, or your children’s education to a thief? What about your health? Do you want a dentist paying for stolen information working on your teeth? Do you want a thief operating on your eyes? What about prescription medicine. Will a doctor paying for stolen information to find new clients stop breaking laws when they get new patients? Or are they willing to break a few more laws to increase profit? It has been done. Doctors prescribing unnecessary, expensive drugs is popular today and is getting worse.

People invest thousands of dollars a month in what they refer to as lead generation. Look at the Internet. It’s filled with stories about companies spending thousands of dollars a month to buy leads. I did a search on Real Estate companies buying leads. Some spend between $2500 to $5000 a month for stolen information. To recoup that money, breaking a few more laws, and/or raising prices, cutting quality and services is part of the businesses plan.

How serious is Internet theft? When the head of the Internal Revenue service had someone file a false tax return in his name, wasn’t that a warning to pay attention? What about having the head of US homeland security finding out thieves sold their identity? Wasn’t that a warning? Wasn’t that God telling them to do something about it? But who is listening? Why did the world decide to eliminate God’s commandment on stealing? Or who decided to write another exception to that law?

Where is all this headed? The procedure is, stolen information is sold to the highest bidder. You have to be blind not to see where that is going. As companies bid higher and higher for stolen information, they look at new ways to cut expenses. Modern trends range from outsourcing work and jobs overseas to relocating manufacturing facilities to countries offering close to, if not slave labor. Is the cost worth it?

Look at Internet theft. How is this crime committed? Companies use sophisticated computer programs to access, analyze, sort, and distribute data from millions of computers and phones in a single second. They also trace movements using GPS and IP addresses. IP addresses will tell people the exact address a computer is located and who it is registered to. Why don’t governments use that technology to arrest those thieves? It would take less than a second to trace those thieves back to their source.

Is there honor among thieves? In a heartbeat Internet thieves steal information from paying clients and sell it off to the highest bidders. When clients refuse to pay higher fees, those Internet thieves will sell off companies entire customer bases to their competition to put them out of business. Dealing with Internet thieves is not only being an accessory to the crime, it is extortion. The choice is either pay or die.

Things get much worse when we look at those crimes in a spiritual level. Jesus is about to move from judging the dead to judging the living. Internet theft is one of the big deceptions we’ve been warned about. Even churches pay for stolen information. They are as guilty as anyone. Internet theft may be the largest unconfessed and unforgiven sin in the world. Think about it. Internet theft has been accepted throughout the world. When their names come up and Jesus looks at a long list of sins committed by the second, how is He going to judge them? Is Jesus going to judge them based on worldly standards, or the God’s standards. Their sins are recorded and presented to Jesus during their trials. What is Jesus going to do when He looks at millions of sins they didn’t ask to be forgiven for? What is Jesus going to do when He looks at how those sins lead to other sins? Stealing led to lies, which led to more lies, and more stealing. What is Jesus going to do when He looks at the lives they ruined and all the hardships they caused? What is Jesus going to do when He looks at what they did with the money they made from stealing?

We can see we have one of the most serious deceptions plaguing this world. But are preachers really going to warn the world when many of them are accessories to the crime sweeping this world away at an alarming rate? What kind of leaders do we have when they look at crimes and have nothing to say because everyone is doing it? What kind of leaders refuse to listen to God’s warnings and refuse to deliver His message for the time? Judging the living may take a lot less time than we can imagine. But then again, sin is spreading much faster than anyone could have imagined. God has to make a choice. What do you think it will be? If an unconfessed sin is an unforgiven sin, this world is in much worse shape than we can imagine.


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