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Mark 3:13-19 Jesus Calls His Disciples

Posted by Ez1 Realty on November 26, 2012

Mark 3:13-19 MKJV And He went up into a mountain and called near those whom He would. And they came to Him. (14) And He ordained twelve, that they should be with Him, and that He might send them out to proclaim, (15) and to have authority to heal sicknesses, and to cast out demons. (16) And He put on Simon the name Peter. (17) And He put on James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James, the names Boanerges, which is, the Sons of Thunder. (18) And He appointed Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the son of Alpheus, and Thaddeus, and Simon the Canaanite, (19) and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him. And they went into a house.


God always calls His people to His mountain to announce a major event. He called Moses to tell him it was time to free Israel from bondage. Twice God gave His ten commandments from His mountain. He called Aaron and Moses to the top of His mountain when it was time for them to pass their leadership roles along. Jesus began His ministry on a mountain. God uses the symbol of His Holy Mountain to represent His promise.


Isaiah 65:25 NLTse The wolf and the lamb will feed together. The lion will eat hay like a cow. But the snakes will eat dust. In those days no one will be hurt or destroyed on my holy mountain. I, the LORD, have spoken!”


How do the twelve Jesus ordained represent God’s promise? Did the work stop with them, or are they examples? Are they examples of what to do, or being human are they also examples of what not to do? Are they the example of a new beginning, a new struggle, or a new trial? Why twelve? What did Jesus give them?


First of all Jesus sent them out to proclaim. What was their message? We could look ahead in Mark’s book and find a number of answers, or look back at previous verses to see how the Spirit led to this event. Jesus also gave them the authority to heal and cast out demons. Is there a difference between authority and power?


Why did Jesus move from a mountain to a house? Thus far every move Jesus made followed a specific sequence to teach a spiritual lesson.


How do you think Jesus called the twelve? Before this point Jesus already called five. Do you think Jesus called their names out while standing in front of a crowd, or was it more personal? How do you think Jesus will call you? Maybe we can find the answers when we look back at the previous verses which led to this event. As we look back we see how Jesus called five disciples before this chapter. In chapter one Jesus called Simone, Andrew, James and John. Why did Jesus call two sets of brothers? Is there a spiritual message Jesus does not want us to miss? What are the qualities brothers bring to Jesus’ ministry? Why two sets of brothers from the same fishing village? Does this point to a quality Jesus is looking for?


After Jesus called the four fisherman, He took them to a synagogue where Jesus was confronted by a man possessed by a demon. Did Jesus know He would see the demon possessed man inside the synagogue? Did Jesus want them to see the powers they would be up against?


From there they went to Simone’s house where Jesus healed his mother-in-law who got up and fed all of them. Many from the village came to Simon’s house to listen to Jesus. They also brought their sick to be healed.


What about the competitive nature between the two groups of brothers? Every disciple seems to have their own worldly qualities difficult to over come. Is there a spiritual lesson to see on the negative qualities the four brought to Jesus’ ministry? Every time Jesus tried to discuss the prophecies He was about to fulfill, one of them would change the subject by discussing who was the greatest in Jesus’ Kingdom. Don’t we see the same thing happening today? Check it out for yourself. The message Jesus’ disciples are supposed to teach is listed in the New Testament hundreds of times. It happens to be the same subject Jesus tried to teach His disciples a number of times, but they kept changing the subject, the prophecies Jesus fulfilled. It seems the same thing happens today. Instead of listening, the world is too caught up in trying to impress one another by showing off. They want to impress everyone with some type of superhuman power they think they can call on to tell the future. In a sense this is what John tried to do. He insisted he know something about the future by trying to appoint himself the greatest in the Kingdom to come, but for the most part was wrong.


The other disciple Jesus chose before this verse was Matthew Levi. He was a tax collector when Jesus called him. What qualities did Levi bring to Jesus’ ministry? The only details we are given in the fact he invited his friends to meet Jesus.


In both examples we see Jesus’ disciples bringing people to Jesus. The village came to Simon’s house to meet Jesus. Levi’s friends came to his house to meet Jesus. Maybe that is the only quality Jesus is looking for? People to bring others to Him! Are there any other qualities we can bring to Jesus?


Mark tells about five of the disciples. Other authors tells us more. There are a few which remain a mystery. How do you think Jesus called them? Did Jesus approach them in private like the others? What qualities did the others bring? Why are there some disciples with little written about them? What is the message Jesus gave them to proclaim? Does knowing the right message have anything to do with the authority to heal and cast out demons? Would the disciples be able to perform miracles without knowing the right message to proclaim? Why do so few disciples today have the authority to heal? I think the most important quality a disciple has, is the ability to learn from the infinite God and Creator of the universe who will never run out of things to teach. Every day He will invite us into His house to dine on His wealth of knowledge.


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