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Free Adventists Dating Site

Posted by adventbiblestudy on November 13, 2012

The Single Adventist Dating Site

Free Online Dating for Adventists

Adventist Single

 – On other dating websites, approximately 95 percent of the members to whom you send a message, cannot respond to you because they are not paying for the subscription to reply to your message. By spending your money on a non Adventist singles websites, you are promoting their product and advertising their services to others by sending messages to their members whom in turn spend money to reply, then the cycle continues. At The Single Adventist you can message everyone for free. When most Adventist singles connection websites try to convince you that their service is cheap, The Single Adventist match beats them all. It is our mission serve and to match people with their best Adventist match for free. This Adventist singles connection rivals all other Adventist match services. That’s what makes us the #1 community run by Adventists, for the church.


One Response to “Free Adventists Dating Site”

  1. adventbiblestudy said

    I personally use this web site and can testify this site has more and better features than any paid site available. The main difference is this site is run as a personal ministry instead of a business, which is why it remains FREE. You can chat, leave messages, blog and exchange personal contact information if you like, Donations are accepted and appreciated. Do me a favor, If you are single, give it a try, Let people know where you found this site, and please leave a donation. If you meet that special someone, pledge a portion of your wedding gifts!! Just an idea.

    Just wanted to mention… if you are planning to spam or scam, they have volunteers and members keeping a close eye on things, looking out for one another. You would be wasting your time.

    Advent Bible Study.


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