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Death of my DAD

Posted by adventbiblestudy on October 8, 2011

My dad had turned his back on God for as long as I knew him, all my life. He never talked about it in detail, but made short mention of one thing. He said he could never believe in God based on what he had seen in W.W.II.

For a couple of months my dad’s health had been failing. He was simply dying of old age. His body was giving up, breaking down, wasting away. His weight dropped from 180 pounds to less than 100 (81 to 45 kilos) within a few months. During his last weeks my wife and I had to do everything for him. He could hardly get out of bed, much less walk under his own power. My wife and I prayed about bringing him to Jesus. We both tried striking up a conversation time and again. Nothing seemed to reach him. What did he see during the war that effected him so badly he was willing to give up eternal life rather than forgive and forget?

Finally my wife and I agreed to talk to the pastor. He agreed to visit my dad.

When the pastor arrived we brought him up to date. We prayed and he went into the room alone with my dad. A half hour passed, an hour, an hour and a half. We questioned whether or not this was a good sign. Finally the pastor came out of the room with the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen. He simply said, “your father just accepted Jesus.”

My wife and I went into his room. By this time we are also smiling, along with my dad. He simply told us, he was finished with turning his back on God, and he now knows Jesus has forgiven his sins, and he was looking forward to Heaven.

Two days later my dad died.


Years later it was the 50th anniversary of the end of W.W.II. I was watching a documentary on W.W.II. At the beginning they explained the original films used in the story were sealed for 50 years because they were so graphic the government feared that if they were shown after the war, people would rise up to seek revenge on Germany, and German citizens.

The documentary showed footage of actual German film recorded during the operation of the concentration camps. Included were actual films recorded when the Americans liberated some of the camps. They showed the horrors of war few have seen. Thousands of dead naked bodies of men and women who had been worked and starved to death. Huge mounds of broken and twisted bodies reduced to only skin and bones.

My dad was a member of the 8th Armor Division, responsible for liberating four of the concentration camps. Was this the scene that effected my father all the remaining years of his life?

Some people turn their backs on God because of little petty disputes. Others never take the time to notice, and consider God’s creation, evidence of His existence. Many never take the time to read and study His word, to learn the overwhelming proof, only God could have written the Bible. Some have never experienced the love of Jesus. No matter what their reason, if God is able to reach my dad in an enclosed room, body wasting away much like those he had witnessed at the end of the war, and turn his heart to Jesus, God is able to reach anyone willing to open their heart.


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