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Genesis 3:12: Satan’s Division of the Marriage

Posted by adventbiblestudy on October 2, 2011

Genesis 3:12 MKJV And the man said, The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.

Satan had accomplished his goals. He had caused Eve, then Adam to sin. His plan was so subtle, so decisive, most people miss Satan’s greatest accomplishment, opening a door to their seed.

The first reaction after sin was a feeling of shame, which created a separation between Adam, Eve, and God. They hid from God among the trees. For the first time in their lives, Adam and Eve did not look forward to their time with God. Their relationship with God was compromised. Their relationship with one another was also effected. Adam blamed Eve for the sin he was responsible for. Satan uses the same tactic today. A husband sins, and blames it on the actions of the wife. In Adam’s case the influence was real, the decision was still his own. Only he was responsible for his actions.

This lack of responsibility has been handed down from generation to generation across every culture on this planet. Instead of looking at their own deteriorated condition, people play the blame game like it is an acceptable excuse to sin. Another defect handed down through generations over the past six thousand years is the division between husband and wife created in Eden. Not only does this create stress between husband and wife, it also effects the children.

Children can see every point their father and mother do not agree on. Some children use this to their advantage. At the very least, this confuses the child. The greater the conflict between the parents, the greater confusion in the children. The instability opens a door for Satan to introduce doubt. Children begin questioning rules in the home, and society. If the gulf is large enough between the parents, the children will begin questioning God’s law.

The only way to break this trend is for both parents to draw so close to God, the children can not see any disagreement between the mother and father. Once they stand together, partners in Christ, they become an influence on the children not easily over thrown by Satan.


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