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Adventist Health Care System to Shut Down

Posted by Ez1 Realty on August 31, 2009

“I have talked to the people in charge of the Seventh-day Adventist Mormon Church medical facilities and they have assured me they will close the doors to their hospitals if the Obama heath plan passes.”
Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner at a Town Hall Meeting Sunday, July 26, 2009 at the Menomonee Falls Village Hall in the Council Chambers.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner saw nothing wrong with making this statement in front of more than 250 Menomonee Falls residents.  The vast majority supported some type of health care plan for those in need.  Many carried signs, pleaded for any type of aid and applauded those which asked for assistance.  From a list of more than 30 questioned, only 2 praised Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s for his efforts.

Let us examine Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s comment, not from a political level, but from a prophetic view of the facts.

The vast majority of the group attended this meeting to voice their need for a health care plan.  Many people shared stories of families in desperate need of health care.  Familles had  been turned down for many types of coverage, others had been denied health care insurance because of preexisting conditions.  Most families could not afford the premiums quoted by health care providers.  Others faced health care bills exceeding their income for years to come.  How did Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner answer these pleas?  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner did not supply one thread of hope for a single person.  Instead Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner told this group, “people that do not pay for adequate health care are irresponsible.”  How did Jesus respond to those in need?

I have written and called Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner attempting to get an answer to the following questions.

“On Sunday July 26th Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner made the following comment in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  “I have talked to the people in charge of the Seventh-day Adventist Mormon Church medical facilities and they have assured me they will close the doors to their hospitals if the Obama heath plan passes.”

I would like to know exactly what sources Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is quoting when he makes such references.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner also repeated the following statement many times during the meeting.  “Obama’s plan will make it illegal for anyone to pay for additional heath care beyond what the federal government will offer.”  Is this a true statement?”

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s reply is now, “it is likely many religious hospitals would close their doors rather than violate the ethical religious directives of their church.”

I have tried to identify these sources within the Seventh-day Adventist church.  If leaders of the church are making comments which support one political party over another, on any matter of national concern, these people need to be told, they not have the right to portray themselves as the voice of an entire world wide religious organization.

I highly doubt Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s has spoken to anyone within the SDA church.  In his comment and during a phone conversation with his staff, they seem to look at the Seventh-day Adventist church and Mormons as a single entity.  At this point I would assume Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s has misused the name of the Seventh-day Adventist church in an attempt to further his political opinion on a matter of deep national concern.  I am sure if Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s had discussed this matter with reliable sources within the SDA church they would have pointed out the fact the SDA and Mormon church are separate establishments.  I am also sure they would have informed Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, the SDA health care system is a world wide organization.  I doubt if this world wide organization would make such a statement in an attempt to threaten a United States President.

What is the outcome of such a statement Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is spreading throughout Wisconsin?  In essence Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is telling all of those in need, the SDA church will not be there to offer aid.  He is telling them, without the ability to pay, you have no hope of being treated in an SDA facility.  He is also telling them, the doors of every SDA church are closed to those supporting any type of health care relief.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has chosen to drive a wedge between the SDA church and every single person facing a medical hardship.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner feels he has the right to close the doors of every SDA church to every American supporting any type of federal health care plan.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has no plan of his own.  This shows how little respect Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has for the SDA church.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner thinks nothing of the irreversible damage he has caused the SDA church in an attempt to gain support for his political motives.

Our Constitution guarantees a separation between church and state.  This trust should not be allowed to be broken no matter what the issues or circumstances.  Politicians should not be allowed to smear the name of any religious organization to fulfill political gain.  No matter now insignificant the politician may view a religious organization.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner thought he was safe using the name of a small church in a small Wisconsin village.  This type of politics should never be allowed.  Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner needs to apologize for his comments and resign his position.  He has attempted to use a religious organization to deceive the American public, trampled upon the law and caused irrevocable damage to the SDA church.


One Response to “Adventist Health Care System to Shut Down”

  1. Paigeroni said

    “Seventh-day Adventist Mormon Church medical facilities…”

    There is no such entity. Seventh-Day Adventists and Mormons are completely separate religions and Adventist HealthCare has nothing to do with the Mormon church.

    Your entire post is baloney. I work for SDA health care folks and many of them are strong supporters of Obama’s health reform plans.


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