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SDA Writers on Talents (Matthew 25)

Posted by Ez1 Realty on November 5, 2008

Note.—The parable of the talents in Matt. 25:14-30 refers primarily to temporal means: that is evident from the following: “The parable of the talents has not been fully understood. This important lesson was given to the disciples for the benefit of Christians living in the last .days. And these talents do not represent merely the ability to preach and instruct from the Word cf God. The parable applies lo the temporal means which God has entrusted to his people.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. I, p. 197.


“And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” * Talents are to be improved; education is occupation. The Spirit of prophecy in Ellen G. White very early presented principles of education which, expanded, illustrated, and implemented since then, constitute the grandest system of education ever known— true education, Christian education. This people, like Israel of old, has been slow to receive it, and uncertainty and at times retrogression have therefore been the record; yet on the whole we have progressed in its light until, imperfect though it stands today, and due to mount to greater and clearer heights, it yet is a marvel and a model to all who inspect it.


It is exceedingly important that Christians in these days should understand the Bible teaching concerning spiritual gifts. This the Lord has set forth very clearly and fully in such passages as I Corinthians, chapters 12 to 14; Romans 12; Ephesians 4; the parables of the talents and pounds, and other scriptures. If they would study the Scriptures, study God’s plan in the bestowing of these gifts, there would be no fanaticism in connection with them. The reception of the gifts themselves would lead away from fanaticism, and the church of Christ would “be built up.

Questions and Answers BY MILTON C. WILCOX Pg 184

Jesus is the ” man traveling into a far country.” That ” far country ” is heaven, to which He has returned. Before going away He delivered His affairs in this world,— the work of human salvation,— into the stewardship of His servants. He gave them special privileges and opportunities, and looks for a faithful improvement of these on their part, to the end that they shall become ” good and faithful servants,” and may obtain the everlasting joy of their Lord. ” After a long time,” now very nearly at hand, He will come again, and ” reckon with ” them all in a final judgment, in which they will be required to render an account of their stewardship, as a result of which they will receive reward or punishment ” according to their works.”

The Return of Jesus By Carlyle B. Haynes Pg 96

It gives him who receives it in the love of it, diligence in the use of his talents. Constantly realizing that his Judge is standing at the door, and that when He comes in He will demand an accounting of the talents He has given, the believer will be most powerfully stimulated to action. He will inquire with what gifts he has been endowed, what powers of mind and body have been given him. Has God given him health, or wealth, or leisure, or influence, or station, or position, or time? All of these he will endeavor to use for his Master. If he possesses but one talent, he knows he dares not hide it. If he is gifted with many, he knows they are not to be used far his own elevation, but to be employed as the property of the Lord, before whom he is soon to stand.

The Return of Jesus By Carlyle B. Haynes Pg 333

“Take your hands off the work, and do not hold it fast in your grasp. You are not the only man whom God will use. Give the Lord room to use the talents He has entrusted to men, in order that the cause may grow. Give the Lord a chance to use men’s minds. We are losing much by our narrow ideas and plans. Do not stand in the way of the advancement of the work, but let the Lord work by whom He will. Educate, encourage young men to think and act, to devise and plan, in order that we may have a multitude of wise counselors.”

Letter 12, 1885; in Testimonies to Ministers, pp. 301-303.

Let no human hand place a yoke upon your neck. Take the yoke Christ gives. Learn of Him; for He is meek and lowly, and you will find rest. It is Christ’s meekness and lowliness that you need. Go to the Lord with the faith, simplicity, and confidence of a little child. Tell Him the whole trouble, withholding nothing. Ask Him to teach you how to use your entrusted talents in the best way. Thus you may increase your talents. If you go out to labor in any portion of the Lord’s great moral vine yard, take heed; keep watch over yourself, over your thoughts and words. Pray for an understanding heart, for a knowledge of how to humble yourself before the Lord. Ask for Christ’s grace and efficiency, and you will not be left to labor alone. God gives every humble, devoted learner a clearer insight into the truth. He will give them precious souls as their hire.

Through Crisis to Victory By A. V. OLSON Pg 281

OUR SAVIOUR has given to everyone his work, and no one of us can plead any excuse to God why he has not done the very work which God has given him to do. He does not require of the men to whom He has entrusted two talents the use of five talents; but He expects us to do our very best according to the capability and the powers which He has given us. And while we seek to put to use the talents He has given us, these talents will improve.

Through Crisis to Victory By A. V. OLSON Pg 286

Now, God has made us teachers of the flock, and He wants us to educate them in every branch of the work, that we may bring in all the talents. Our ministers do the labor instead of educating others to take the responsibility of the cause. The minister’s work should be the work of a teacher. One laborer might set twenty to work in less time than it would take him to do the work himself. Let diem blunder and make mistakes, and then kindly show them how they can do it better, and then you can be educating, educating, educating, until you have men and women who have experience in the things of God and can carry responsibility, and that is what we have been suffering for. We need men who can bear responsibility, and the best way to gain the experience they need is to engage in this work.

Through Crisis to Victory By A. V. OLSON Pg 289-290


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